Our Services

Redtec Solutions, LLC provides an affordable, comprehensive, highly-specialized service that can reduce a residential income-producing property investor's tax burden and increase after-tax cash flow by thousands of dollars annually above and beyond traditional depreciation.

Upon completion of a cost segregation study, you will receive two downloadable reports. One is an itemized list of all personal property and land improvements in your investment property. The second is the finalized cost segregation report that should be turned over to your CPA. You will also have the ability to download representative pictures of your personal property/land improvements. Both reports and the pictures will be stored on redtecsolutions.com for 3 months. Alternatively, Redtec Solutions will store all reports for a client on redtecsolutions.com indefinitely for $50/yr. Please review the FAQ to learn more about residential cost segregation.

Maximizing the return on your residential rental property is EASY. Sophisticated investors agree that valuing personal property and land improvements separately is one of the best ways to boost the return on your investment. Start saving now, with 7 easy steps:

  • Create an account profile on redtecsolutions.com.
  • Order a cost segregation study on redtecsolutions.com.
  • This will involve filling out a property-specific questionnaire and agreeing to our terms of use.
  • Based on the property location, and when the report is needed, we will provide you with an estimated completion date.
  • Arrangements are made with the owner, tenant, or property manager to gain access to the subject property to perform the cost segregation study.
  • During the site visit, measurements, notes, and photos are collected.
  • The data is then used to create your customized reports, which will be uploaded to our secure server upon completion.
  • You will be notified via email of the completion of your reports and will be sent an invoice.
  • Upon receipt of payment, you will have access to download your completed reports and photos from our secure server.